An Update Almost A Year To The Date Later

Here I am, still on this weight-loss journey. I’ve come to the realization that it’ll never be over. I’m the type of person that can’t eat until she’s full. I have to count calories. I have to weigh and measure to ensure I’m eating correct portions.

And I’m okay with that.

And I’m not okay with that.

Going out to eat with friends and family can be hard, especially as food is a source of entertainment. People can’t understand why I’d want to go out to a restaurant or bar simply to hang out.

“Order mozzarella sticks. That’s not a lot of food.”

“At least get a salad.”

“One beer won’t kill you.”

Who knew peer pressure didn’t end after high school? 🙂

Then, there’s the boredom. Mushrooms and salad again? A protein shake again? I’d think, “Let’s go out to eat tonight instead. I’m craving a cheeseburger.” Once my husband and I would get to the restaurant, I’d convince myself of the following: “Since I’m having a cheeseburger, I’m going to put cheese on the fries, too.”

So I began eating a little off track here, a little off track here. And what happened? I gained. I used to be an 8-10, but I’ve gone up to a 12-14.

And here’s where the weight gain stops. Because, like I wanted to prove when I first began this blog, the third time’s the charm. I won’t gain 100 pounds again. I won’t.

I’ve been doing this journey for so long, I have the tools to get me through this setback. That’s all it is. A setback.

I’m going to try to blog twice a week to keep myself accountable. So, if you want to follow me through this journey to get back on track, thank you. It’s always nice to get help from friends. 🙂

For the first few months, I won’t be weighing myself. I know the number is going to cause me to feel like even more of a failure. I can see the weight gain. I can feel it in my clothes. I don’t need a number to further drive in the truth.

Right now, it’s all about getting back on track.

Update, Like, Months Later :P

Every now and then, I’ll get a new follower on this blog. Lately, I’ve been more faithful to my poetry blog than my weight loss blog, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped my journey.

Here are some head shots, as well as two body shots, as proof. 🙂

And I’d already lost weight at this point! ><
Face is getting smaller.


Almost a year after the first pic had been snapped. Progress takes time, but it’s been well worth it.



Somewhere along the journey, my collarbones reappeared. 😛


This pic made it onto Tattooed Women Are Hot’s FB page. I’m 86 pounds later, and hoping to reach goal by January of 2013.


Thanks to all who’ve been apart of my journey. I’m almost there! 🙂

Plan to Get Back on Track

So, here I am, practically a year later on my weight loss journey (not a year since this blog was started, but a year, nonetheless), and I am 53 pounds lighter. I think. Why do I say I think? Because my last weigh-in was on August 5th, when I hit that magical place I’ve aspired to reach since first starting out on my trek: Onederland.

Why am I scared to hop back on the scale? Because I binged last week. I fell off the wagon hard, hit a brick wall, tripped up…feel free to insert whatever well-meaning cliche here. And yesterday, I binged again.

So, it’s time to retreat and review. A week off plan is better than a month off plan, so before that bad week becomes a bad month, I’ve created a plan of attack to get back on track.

1. One Soda a Day–I did so well at the beginning, switching from Coke to Diet Coke, then dropping to one Diet Coke a day. And now I’m up to three Diet Dr. Pepper’s a day. The stress of a new job is not helping, but if I don’t practice self-control now, I won’t be successful later on in keeping off the weight.

2. One Piece of Chocolate a Day–Another bad habit that’s crept back into my life is replacing good calories for bad ones. I’ve started eating two candy bars a day again. But no longer. From here on out, it’s one piece of chocolate a day, so I must choose wisely.

3. Exercise According to Trainer’s Plan–I hired a cycling coach, but workouts aren’t effective if not completed, so I will follow his plan starting today.

4. Weigh Myself Every Friday–It takes a big person (no pun intended) to face the scale once a week. I won’t be afraid of criticism, especially when it “comes” from a machine that’s not sentient.

5. No Meat or Milk–When I followed the blood-type diet, I felt amazing. My cycling improved, my sleep improved, my outlook on life improved. Now that I’ve gone back to eating crap, I feel sluggish, and my face is beginning to break out again. So, rather than switch back to the blood-type diet cold turkey, I plan to implement change a little at a time. So that means no meat or daily products, save for mozzarella cheese.

And that’s it. It’s amazing. I know what to do, so why can’t I do it? Because I let the “monster” slip back into the dark, and when I can’t see it, I let it run amuck. But now, my “monster” is back in the light, and I’m attacking head-on.

How’s everyone else doing on your weight loss journey?

Comparison Mugs–6 Months Later

So, here’s the visual proof that I’ve still lost weight. Okay, I just wanted an excuse to show you my new-and-improved mug. 😛

I love to eat, and it shows! ><

And now a pic as of June 2011.

Where are my cheeks going?

In August, I’ll do another full body pic for comparison shots. By then, I should be in Onederland, too. I. Can’t. Wait.

Huh? Really?

I still have a couple of people looking at my blog everyday? Cool. 🙂

I’ve been away, but I haven’t been slacking. I’m down 47# since August of last year, and I’m still going strong. I even hired a cycling coach to help me train more efficiently. Now it doesn’t feel like I’m spinning out of control.

I’m thinking of taking this blog in a new direction to help establish a platform. So, not only will it be about my weight loss journey, but also my journey as a writer. Will you still follow along with me? I hope so. I’ve met too many wonderful people to lose you now. 🙂

Have a good night, dear ones.

Updates on Weigh-Ins

So, how have I been doing, weight-wise? Two weeks ago, I gained. Two pounds. Not one of my proudest moments. When one of my Facebook friends gains weight, I tell that person it’s okay. Weight gain is a natural process of the journey. Take the gain and move on. Still, I felt really low that day. My only saving grace was that I didn’t binge like the old Dani would. I didn’t bathe in chocolate and ice cream, and I still cycled.

Which brings me to this past Friday’s weigh-in. I not only lost those two pounds, but another one as well. Can anyone say winning? 🙂

It would have been so easy to throw in the towel. I’m at the point of the journey where I’m missing the comfort that food can bring. I know that after the food high comes the low. I know that a good exercise session can be even more comforting than a food binge. Old habits are hard to kill, and that’s what I’m working on: Killing those detrimental habits so this is the last time I lose a significant amount of weight. Who’s with me?

Weigh-In: Eleventh Week

It’s been a good day, and I’ve only been awake for three and a half hours! I’m down another two pounds, which puts me at 219, which means I’m twenty pounds away from Onederland, and which also means I’ve hit another goal on my list. But it’s been so long since I created it, I had to go back and see what my reward is! 🙂

According to my list, my reward is a haircut, but I’ll be frank: I don’t want to cut my hair. I’m happy with it just the way it is. It’s growing out quite nicely. So, I decided, since I exchanged my mani/pedi for a haircut last time, I’ll reward myself with a mani/pedi this time! I’m so excited! These ten pounds were so hard to lose. I think I mentioned last week that three weeks passed where I only lost .5 pound each week. But I did not give up. I pushed on, and I succeeded.

I hope everyone else is doing well on their weight loss journeys. If not, why don’t you join us again? Let us know how you are doing in the comments below.

And now, I’m off to go cycle. Team Cheese Additional ordered their uniforms today, so our jerseys, shorts and caps should be arriving next week! I’m stoked!

Weigh-In: Tenth Week

Just a quick note to let you know I’m okay. I’m still trudging towards my goal. As of today, I’m 221 pounds. That’s 13.5 pounds since January 1st, and 29 pounds since August.

The weight loss is a bit slower than expected, and I know why. I’m still not making the best food choices for my calorie budget. I need to cut back to one chocolate a day. Somedays, I’ll have three chocolates, especially as Easter is nearing and it’s so easy to pick up two of the Cadbury eggs. They’re only .50 each, after all. And then what’ll be my excuse? My birthday on May 2nd? Flag Day in June? Fourth of July?

On a positive note, I’ve dropped down to one diet soda a day. Soon, it’ll be nothing but tea and water.

Slow and steady wins this race. 🙂

Refrigerator Motivational Art

I have the before and after pic of Barney the dalmatian on my refrigerator. He lost an amazing 66 pounds! My sister laughs every time she sees the pic and reminds me that the dog didn’t have a choice. His food intake was restricted.

Maybe that’s what I need. To have someone dole out a cup of kibble a day instead of twenty. But then I wouldn’t learn how to deal with my emotional eating. I wouldn’t know how to “behave” in a restaurant, when so many fried foods are staring back at me from the menu.

And still, I admire Barney. I’m sure he had stomach rumblings just like I do midday. It’s hard work losing one pound, but sixty-six? As long as I’m on this weight loss journey, his picture’s staying on my fridge.

And what about you? Do you keep any motivational “art” on your refrigerator, right next to to-do lists and/or your children’s finger paintings? If so, share away in the comments section!

Connecting the Body and Spirit

I’d read time and time on weight loss boards: “A body in motion doesn’t want to stop.” And I know this is truth. The hardest part about exercising is the starting part. The tying of the shoe strings. The pressing of the play button on the iPod. The slinging on of the sunglasses.

But once I begin, once I push the pedal or take the first step, I know I’m creating a better me. Notice I didn’t say a hotter me, or a thinner me, or a wow-wow-chicka-wow-wow me. Nor did I say a healthier one, either. All of those descriptions might be applicable as I keep exercising.

For me, exercise connects the body and the spirit in ways I could never imagine. My confidence soars as the breeze scoots past my handlebars and around my t-shirt. Every time I stand to climb an incline, I feel stronger. Exercising outdoors, away from the walls of a gym or living room, also makes me feel closer to God.

Now, I’m not religious, although I do consider myself spiritual. I believe God exists everywhere. He’s not just some guy in the sky waiting to fling judgment on me (even though my name, ironically, means ‘God is my judge.’). I believe God is in the sweat that spirals down my neck, in the asphalt of the trails I ride, in the algae of the creek I cross, just plain everywhere. And exercising outdoors makes me feel a part of something special, a bigger plan, if you will.

I exercised four times this past weight-loss week, and I feel amazing, both physically and spiritually. Looks like I’ve finally found my motivation. 🙂

If you need any motivation, watch this clip. One of my favorite, favorite, favorite training songs is included. 😉