Weight Loss Fun on a Winter’s Day

In this part of Texas, winters are mild, perfect for outdoor excursions, so today I tackled one of my fitness goals and went to North Central Park with Leda and Scoots, her scooter. Grackles bathed in puddles beside us, and dogs guided their owners around us as we meandered down the path. At times, the earthy smell of grass and mud surrounded us, at other times the smell of dog poop accosted us, yet we enjoyed the chance to not only exercise our legs, but our senses, too.

Leda then decided she wanted to play tag around the playground, and play we did. My blood soared through my veins, and I felt like I was climbing the hill on Del Mar on my bike rather than chasing a six-year-old around a slide. And I still had the energy to laugh when she chased me. How could exercise involve this much smiling? The posters at the gym display men and women grimacing as they work to maintain their musclebound bodies. Cyclists finish rides with looks of exhaustion on their faces as they search for Sports Beans in the pockets of their jerseys.

Believe me, I’ve taken part in my share of hardcore exercise, and I want to be able to run four miles again and cycle three laps on the Del Mar stretch within an hour’s time. But today…today, I was just happy to enjoy the outdoors with my daughter and get the feel of pavement underneath my feet.

Today was fun.

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