You Can Get Some Satisfaction

In an ideal world, being healthy is a good reason to hit the trails at the park  and pour the salad dressing on the side. For others, like me, a little motivation is needed. The Weight Watchers program awards stickers for every five pounds lost, and, with greater weight loss comes greater rewards, like key chain charms. As I’m following LIVESTRONG’s program (hey, it’s free), web badges are awarded for meeting certain goals, but there are no tangible rewards, so I’m going to get myself some satisfaction for meeting my weight loss goals.

I present to you the list of weight loss perks. You know, perks other than lower risk for heart attack, diabetes and high cholesterol numbers.

The List

229 pounds: Manicure and Pedicure

219 pounds: Haircut

209 pounds: $50 Avon Shopping Spree (Hi, my name’s Dani, and I’m an Avonholic.)

199 pounds: New Cycling Jersey

Once I enter Onderland, I’ll create a new perks list. For now, these are my goals. What will yours be?

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8 responses to “You Can Get Some Satisfaction

  • Kim

    That’s a great idea! I will think about some rewards and post my later today. Although I have to say I may use of couple of yours. 🙂

  • Edgar

    These are things I normally wouldn’t buy. I have a budget for mostly everything in my life. These items can be considered ‘splurges’.

    I loved your idea so much. I wrote this list right before I went to bed.

    Keep up the good work.

    Nike Shoes (max $55)

    Cologne TJ Max (max$45)

    Pasha de Cartier Cologne

    Nike Shox sneakers

    Pair of Sperry Boat shoes

    Ariat Western Boots

    $50 Kindle Gift Card

    Motorola BlueTooth headphones

    Ralph Lauren Shirt

    Burberry Shirt

    Tony Lama Western Boots

    • cheeseadditional

      You are a big shoe fan, as am I. I need to put Nikes on my list, too. 🙂

      And I’d love a Kindle. I prefer the smell of a book, but my bookcase is overflowing. LOL

      Thanks for sharing your list, Edgar. We need to put a meeting at Danny’s when we hit our goals. You are from LDO, yes?

  • Monica

    Maybe that’s my problem. I leave the reward to be the end result. But the end result can be so far away you lose sight of it. I think I will create a list in my future. Thanks for the rewards idea. 🙂

  • 40 Pounds By June

    I missed this post, somehow. Great idea, great list, rewards along the way ARE important. What I did was cut my hair (really needed it) just before I started. It gave me a “feel good” kickstart!

    • cheeseadditional

      Good for you! Some people buy new running shoes, some people get a gym membership, and some go to the barber shop/beauty salon for their kickstarts. It’s too late for me, and God willing, this’ll be my last time to lose the weight, but I’m going to recommend this to my friends who want to start their journeys.

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