No Time to Look Back

Leda, nervous and cold, looked up the church steps. She grabbed the flower basket with one hand, while the other toyed with the dress’s pearl accents. The bride leaned over and whispered into Leda’s ear. Leda smiled. The music soon drifted down the aisle.  Leda dutifully lined up and trudged behind the ring bearer. When her turn arrived, she stepped forward. There was no last glance back at Mommy. She threw the first handful of petals, and soon was confident enough to walk down the aisle alone.

After the wedding, we went to the reception, where I did wonderful, food-wise. I stayed away from the fatty brisket and ate one sausage link and the pinto beans. Okay, I also had one bite of rice. No bread. Socially, though, I wasn’t so wonderful. I didn’t know anyone, save for my aunt, uncle, mom, and Leda, so I didn’t chat with anyone. I kept to myself the entire night, which also meant I stayed off the dance floor.

Was the night a complete failure? No. I got to welcome a new cousin into the family. I wore make-up again for the second time this week. Most importantly, I witnessed just how strong my baby could be. And her confidence couldn’t just be nurture. I was sure a bit of nature factored in, too. Eventually, Mommy will regain that confidence she had when she was young, when there was no time to look back and worry.

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2 responses to “No Time to Look Back

  • 40 Pounds By June

    Leda is absolutely adorable! I always cried when my kids did such grown up things when they were so small. And wow – you did great with the food, with so many temptations! And double wow – I hear great insight and a positive attitude! No secret as to where Leda gets it from!

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