No Time for the Motivation?

Green Day sings: “I’ve got no motivation/Where is my motivation/No time for the motivation/”. And that’s exactly how I feel.

Good thing I read a fellow blogger’s challenge to wake up early twice this week and a work-out in before the day becomes too crazy and stressful to exercise. Maybe that’s what I need.

See, I always start out with good intentions. The high of cycling over the weekends carries the motivation over into Monday (I even jogged this Monday in preparation for a half I want to do in November), but when Tuesday comes around, I’m out of motivation. Maybe it falls off by the side of International Boulevard, or it stays in bed, which is why I’m always telling myself, “I’ll exercise tomorrow,” when my head hits the pillow.

But no more. Tomorrow is weigh-in day: the start of my weight loss week, if you will. There’s no problem exercising on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Tuesday will be the true test. Can I rise with the alarm and not push snooze half a dozen times? Can I find the time for the motivation?

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3 responses to “No Time for the Motivation?

  • RareBeedLBC

    You can do it!!! Good luck at your weigh in tomorrow! Mine is Saturday morning, first thing!!

  • Kim

    You can do it. Join us on our challenge to get up early and do it. I feel better on the days I start my day with exercise because by the time I get home I don’t want to be bothered. I have so much to do and to add exercise to it? UGH! We are getting up at 5am Mon Wed Fri this week. Now we did start with just one day then this week was two days and next week is three and so on until we are getting up five days a week and working out. So will we “see” you on one of those days?

  • knowwhentoshutup

    Ah, the dreaded motivation! If I just keep going, it is easier to keep doing it – but if I stop, it makes it 1,000 times harder!

    Bless my monkeys, I just keep singing Dorie’s song from Little Nemo – Just keep (swimming) exercising, Just keep (swimming) exercising, Just keep (swimming) exercising…

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