Monthly Archives: March 2011

Weigh-In: Eleventh Week

It’s been a good day, and I’ve only been awake for three and a half hours! I’m down another two pounds, which puts me at 219, which means I’m twenty pounds away from Onederland, and which also means I’ve hit another goal on my list. But it’s been so long since I created it, I had to go back and see what my reward is! 🙂

According to my list, my reward is a haircut, but I’ll be frank: I don’t want to cut my hair. I’m happy with it just the way it is. It’s growing out quite nicely. So, I decided, since I exchanged my mani/pedi for a haircut last time, I’ll reward myself with a mani/pedi this time! I’m so excited! These ten pounds were so hard to lose. I think I mentioned last week that three weeks passed where I only lost .5 pound each week. But I did not give up. I pushed on, and I succeeded.

I hope everyone else is doing well on their weight loss journeys. If not, why don’t you join us again? Let us know how you are doing in the comments below.

And now, I’m off to go cycle. Team Cheese Additional ordered their uniforms today, so our jerseys, shorts and caps should be arriving next week! I’m stoked!


Weigh-In: Tenth Week

Just a quick note to let you know I’m okay. I’m still trudging towards my goal. As of today, I’m 221 pounds. That’s 13.5 pounds since January 1st, and 29 pounds since August.

The weight loss is a bit slower than expected, and I know why. I’m still not making the best food choices for my calorie budget. I need to cut back to one chocolate a day. Somedays, I’ll have three chocolates, especially as Easter is nearing and it’s so easy to pick up two of the Cadbury eggs. They’re only .50 each, after all. And then what’ll be my excuse? My birthday on May 2nd? Flag Day in June? Fourth of July?

On a positive note, I’ve dropped down to one diet soda a day. Soon, it’ll be nothing but tea and water.

Slow and steady wins this race. 🙂