Monthly Archives: April 2011

Updates on Weigh-Ins

So, how have I been doing, weight-wise? Two weeks ago, I gained. Two pounds. Not one of my proudest moments. When one of my Facebook friends gains weight, I tell that person it’s okay. Weight gain is a natural process of the journey. Take the gain and move on. Still, I felt really low that day. My only saving grace was that I didn’t binge like the old Dani would. I didn’t bathe in chocolate and ice cream, and I still cycled.

Which brings me to this past Friday’s weigh-in. I not only lost those two pounds, but another one as well. Can anyone say winning? 🙂

It would have been so easy to throw in the towel. I’m at the point of the journey where I’m missing the comfort that food can bring. I know that after the food high comes the low. I know that a good exercise session can be even more comforting than a food binge. Old habits are hard to kill, and that’s what I’m working on: Killing those detrimental habits so this is the last time I lose a significant amount of weight. Who’s with me?