About Me

Name: Dani Raschel Jimenez

Age: 26

Occupation: Graduate Student/Poet/Aspiring Novelist

Why Cheese Additional? Because if you want the cheese, you have to work for it.

Small Town Girl with a Fantasy for Her History and Future

Born brown, raised white, I’m

from the wilds of Duval County:

the scent of grilled rattle-

snakes and nopales fill the air.

I’m from Aztec pyramids. I

climb a stairway of stars to touch the sun

god’s scarred cheek while we

eat menudo con tortillas at

his table. I’m from

the curious spark of a welder’s

torch, the smile of a dental hygienist.

I’m from a mother who never sang

El Cri Cri. Sometimes though she’d threaten

me with el cucuy. I’m from


nicknames of coconut and pocha

just because God served

me alphabet soup without lls and ñs

floating in my broth. I’m from






but the label I crave is

still emerging:  writer.


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