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Too Early for a Plateau

Today was weigh-in day, and I have no news to report, good or bad. That’s right–my weight was exactly the same as it was last week.

So, I left Aqui Es, unlocked the door to my apartment, threw off my hoodie, and laid down on my bed. Although I’ve been on my weight loss journey since August, when I began at a little over 250 pounds, I derailed around Thanksgiving and didn’t return to the straight and narrow until New Year’s, so I shouldn’t be plateauing this early in the trip.

I brought up my food log spread sheet. After a bit of analyzing, I narrowed down a few plateau culprits. I’m not a nutritionist or doctor, so these are only guesses as to what happened.

Culprit #1: Three days out of seven, I had not only my usual Coke, but a Diet Coke as well. This will be the easy to remedy.

Culprit #2: There was no variety in my meals. Shake for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and cereal for dinner. With as much experience as I have losing weight, I should know by now to mix up the menu.

Culprit #3: Shakes, sandwiches, and cereal could not possibly comprise the 1900 calories I needed for the day. Where were the rest of the calories coming from? Dare I admit? Sigh. I will. Those darn Girl Scout cookies. It seems I was so concerned on watching my intake of Thin Mints that I was popping three servings of Lemonades a day. That’s 450 empty calories! This also should be easy to remedy.

Time to reassess, Ladies and Gents. Girl Scout cookies must be limited to one serving. One soft drink per day. And I need to spice up my diet.

What’s the plan for this week? Work to lose one pound. That’s it. Just one pound. I want to see the scale moving down again. I will not give up.