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Refrigerator Motivational Art

I have the before and after pic of Barney the dalmatian on my refrigerator. He lost an amazing 66 pounds! My sister laughs every time she sees the pic and reminds me that the dog didn’t have a choice. His food intake was restricted.

Maybe that’s what I need. To have someone dole out a cup of kibble a day instead of twenty. But then I wouldn’t learn how to deal with my emotional eating. I wouldn’t know how to “behave” in a restaurant, when so many fried foods are staring back at me from the menu.

And still, I admire Barney. I’m sure he had stomach rumblings just like I do midday. It’s hard work losing one pound, but sixty-six? As long as I’m on this weight loss journey, his picture’s staying on my fridge.

And what about you? Do you keep any motivational “art” on your refrigerator, right next to to-do lists and/or your children’s finger paintings? If so, share away in the comments section!


Weigh-In: Second Week

I took off my jacket, then my jewelry. No need for any unnecessary weight. I did, however, leave my socks on. The weather had been in the 40 degree range all week, and my feet like being warm. I tapped the edge of the scale with my toes. The digital lines blinked, then “0.0” flickered on the small screen. I stepped on. Looked forward. Waited a few seconds for the reading. Closing my eyes, I dipped my chin to my chest, then opened my eyes. The number read “229.” I had done it: I’d lost two pounds to hit the 229 mark and earn my mani/pedi. I was thrilled, too, because I’d entered a new scale decade. 🙂

Since I weigh myself at Aqui Es, the shop that sells Herbalife shakes and supplements, the club owner sneaked a peek at the number. She clapped her hands in congratulations, then asked if I wanted her to track the numbers for me, as well. At first, I said no, but she refused to take no for an answer. She swiftly yanked out a spreadsheet from her spiral and asked me to fill out the identifying information. I hugged her, because I realized that in this journey, people that support you increase your success.

So, I want to tell each and everyone of you who read my blog that y’all are dear to my heart. Some of you I know by name. Some I don’t. But if it weren’t for you, I would not have been as motivated to keep logging food and hopping on the Spinning bike as I was on January 1st. Thank you for taking the time to read my words. Thank you for caring enough to respond in the comments section. And thank you for believing that I can do this the third time around.

After all, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be treating myself to a mani/pedi tomorrow! Hugs all around! 🙂