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A Good Hair Day This Wednesday

Today, I took one look at my hair and gasped. When had my mane grown this long? “To Hair Boss I must go!” I cried. There was one problem. I only had $40. I decided that a mani/pedi would just have to wait, so I exchanged my first weight goal reached card for a hair cut. And I’m glad I did. I’m the type of person who hates to have her hair brush her shoulders. It’s irritating, especially when exercising. And my hair is thick, so it also feels extremely heavy when wet with sweat.

I slipped on my sandals, walked over to my hairstylist, who’s two buildings down, showed her a pic of “the Rihanna,” and asked her to chop away. And chop she did.

Here’s the finished do:

And, I must say, I feel pretty darn good about myself. It’s amazing how sexy a new haircut can make you feel. I might even wear make-up tomorrow just for fun. Play up my eyes and cheeks a bit. Surprise my husband with a candlelight lunch when he comes home for break.

What makes you feel sexy? Is it a new swash of color on the lips? Waxed eyebrows (another favorite of mine)? A newly published romance novel in hand. Let us know!