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How a Spinning Bike Saved a Character’s Life

As a writer, sometimes you find yourself needing some downtime to think. To break through writer’s block. To warp time and consider the many different paths a character can take. Before, when I needed this time, I slipped on my running shoes and wound my way down Shiloh, hitched a left on McPherson, and continued to Bob Bullock Loop, only to backtrack at the stoplight.

But since I don’t run anymore (I’m working on it), I turned to food to help me concentrate. Ah, who am I kidding? I mindlessly ate while I sat at my computer, fingers tapping away at keys, Cheetos staining the white letters.

Not today. Today, my latest work-in-progress _The Pound_ was spread on my bed. One character, Paloma, seemed, well, stuck. I didn’t know what to do with her. I didn’t want to cut her, but she was not helping to advance the plot. I found my hands itching to hold something while I worked through my character problem. Maybe Thin Mints? Maybe that bag of Funyuns Hubby brought home yesterday?

So, what did I give my hands to hold onto? The bars of my Spinner Fit. That’s right. I hopped on my Spinner and rode. Here’s proof (and notice how I said, “No,” to those Girl Scout cookies on the table 😛 ):

Did I figure out what to do with Paloma? That’s the beauty of first drafts. She can stay, and, if need be, I can cut her out of the second. So, Paloma, you’re safe. 🙂


Yes, I’m a Sonic the Hedgehog fan. I aim to be as fast as he is one day. One can dream. LOL