Update, Like, Months Later :P

Every now and then, I’ll get a new follower on this blog. Lately, I’ve been more faithful to my poetry blog than my weight loss blog, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped my journey.

Here are some head shots, as well as two body shots, as proof. šŸ™‚

And I’d already lost weight at this point! ><
Face is getting smaller.


Almost a year after the first pic had been snapped. Progress takes time, but it’s been well worth it.



Somewhere along the journey, my collarbones reappeared. šŸ˜›


This pic made it onto Tattooed Women Are Hot’s FB page. I’m 86 pounds later, and hoping to reach goal by January of 2013.


Thanks to all who’ve been apart of my journey. I’m almost there! šŸ™‚


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